There are 26 seats in the wine shop, 16 seats in the cellar and additional 12 on the terrace during the summer season.

We offer organization of team buildings, family celebrations and other group gatherings – even outside the opening hours of the wine shop.

  • Rental of a wine cellar with cellars outside the opening hours (300, – CZK / 1 hour).
  • Degustation of 8 – 10 samples (from 250, – CZK / 1 person).
  • Wine consumption (bottle of wine from 100, -CZK / 1 bottle).
  • Hot dinner to order (from 150, – CZK / 1 person).
  • Cold buffet (from 200, – CZK / 1 person).
  • Plated plates (from 150, – CZK / 1 pc).
  • Live music to order (from 350, – CZK / 1 hour).
  • Accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the monastery – hotel ALF – on request (from 550, – CZK / 1 person in double rooms).
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We also offer import of wine from abroad according to your request, Archiving of private wine in our archive cellar and the preparation of quiet wine for advertising purposes according to your own request.

Our tax warehouse: Tax warehouse number: CZ1208273S001.

Registration number of the tax warehouse operator: CZ0008273S000.

Our special wines:


PORTO Alegre Tawny

0,75 l, obj. alk. 19%, sweet, Portugal.

Classical port wine, coming from the vineyards of the upper Douro River in Portugal. The fermentation of the wine is halted in the middle of the process by so-called dilling. This creates a unique dessert sweet wine with an alcohol content of 19%. It is suitable for sweet dishes or as digestive.


Mass wine VINO de Misa

0,75l, obj. alk. 15%, sweet, Spain.

The mass wine VINO de Misa is made from overripe grapes of the Garnatcha Blanca and Macabeu varieties. Since the 19th century, De Muller winery delivers this wine to liturgical purposes with the approval of several popes. The wine is produced by the method of oxidative maturation in oak barrels according to the “Solera and Criader” system. Wine belongs to the category of liqueur wines. It goes perfectly with sweet dishes or as digestive.

Rental and accommodation

The wine cellar can be rented for corporate events, family celebrations and another group gatherings.

There are 26 seats in the wine cellar, 16 seats in the cellar and in the summer season, there are 12 additional seats on the summer terrace.

The rental price outside the opening hours of the wine shop is 300, – CZK / 1 hour.

For the time being, we do not have our own accommodation facilities, but we can use the accommodation capacity of the ALF Hotel in the immediate vicinity of Borovany Monastery and our wine shop.

Background for events

It is possible to order a buffet and hot meals for your stay in our cellars, according to the current offer. See the price list PDF

live music from 350, – CZK / 1 hour.

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